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The Origins of Schnapps: A Spirited Journey Through Time and Flavours


Schnapps, a term that brings to mind the warmth of winter, cozy firesides, and convivial gatherings, has a rich history that stretches back centuries. Originating in the alpine regions of Europe, this distilled spirit has evolved into a diverse family of beverages, each boasting unique flavours and cultural significance. In this exploration, we delve into the fascinating origins of schnapps and uncover the myriad types that grace our glasses today.

The Roots of Schnapps:

The word “schnapps” finds its roots in the Middle High German term “snappen,” meaning to snap or bite. This biting reference alludes to the traditional way schnapps was consumed – in small, potent sips that leave a lingering warmth. The history of schnapps can be traced back to the alchemists and monks of medieval Europe who, in their pursuit of distillation, stumbled upon the art of crafting this spirited elixir.

During the 15th century, monasteries and apothecaries across Europe began producing medicinal spirits, which eventually evolved into what we now know as schnapps. These early concoctions were often infused with herbs and botanicals, believed to have healing properties.

Types of Schnapps:

Fruit Schnapps:

Among the most popular varieties, fruit schnapps showcases the infusion of various fruits into the spirit. Apples, pears, cherries, and plums are commonly used to create a delightful array of flavours. Each sip captures the essence of the chosen fruit, offering a sweet and fruity experience that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails.

Herbal Schnapps:

Reflecting the medicinal origins of schnapps, herbal variations incorporate a diverse range of botanicals. From mint and thyme to anise and chamomile, herbal schnapps offers a nuanced and aromatic profile. These varieties often have a soothing quality, making them ideal digestifs or aperitifs.

Nut Schnapps:

Harnessing the rich, earthy flavours of nuts like hazelnuts and walnuts, nut schnapps provides a warm and nutty character. This variety is a favourite during colder months, offering a comforting and indulgent drinking experience.

Spice Schnapps:

For those who crave a bit of heat, spice schnapps delivers with ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. The spiciness adds a kick to the traditional schnapps profile, making it a versatile choice for both sipping and mixing in cocktails.

Cream Schnapps:

Combining the smoothness of cream with the boldness of schnapps, cream schnapps offers a luscious and decadent experience. Flavours like chocolate, vanilla, and coffee are commonly infused, creating a dessert-like spirit that can be enjoyed on its own or as a delightful addition to coffee or dessert cocktails.

Regional Specialties:

Different countries and regions have their own unique takes on schnapps. In Germany, Obstler combines apples and pears, while in Austria, Enzian Schnapps features the gentian flower. The diversity of regional specialties adds a layer of cultural richness to the world of schnapps.

The Production Process:

Regardless of the type, the production process of schnapps remains relatively consistent. Schnapps is typically made through the distillation of fermented fruit or grain mash. The choice of base ingredients significantly influences the final flavour profile. The distilled spirit is then often infused with fruits, herbs, nuts, spices, or other flavourings to enhance its taste.

Modern Craftsmanship:

While traditional methods still hold sway in many artisanal distilleries, modern craftsmanship has introduced innovative techniques and flavours to the world of schnapps. Craft distillers experiment with unique combinations, barrel aging, and precise distillation processes to create high-quality schnapps that cater to contemporary palates.


As we raise our glasses to savour the diverse world of schnapps, we pay homage to a spirit that has stood the test of time. From its humble medicinal beginnings in medieval Europe to the modern-day artisanal renaissance, schnapps has evolved into a spirited symphony of flavours. Each type, whether fruit-infused, herbal, nutty, spicy, creamy, or a regional specialty, carries a piece of history and culture, inviting us to embark on a spirited journey through time and taste. So, the next time you sip on a glass of schnapps, remember that you are partaking in a tradition that spans centuries, celebrating the artistry and craftsmanship of this venerable spirit. Prost!

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